Mehalah Beckett - founder of Lead Powerful Impact - is an economist by background.

Mehalah worked in London as a consultant before moving abroad with the UK Government supporting African states on sustainable economic development.

She then joined the private sector as Africa Regional General Manager for Travel B-Corp Intrepid where she used business as a force for good across the region.

She set up Lead Powerful Impact to provide consulting and coaching services that accelerate sustainable business and impact-driven leaders.

Why did I start Lead Powerful Impact?


It was June 2019 and I had just stepped off the stage delivering a Keynote 'The Economics of Women Empowerment' at the Women in Travel Awards in Sydney. One of the most terrifying things I have done - despite working in places such as Somalia for much of my career.

I felt on top of the world - everything that was important to me had come together in that event - a challenge, immense trust, connection with interesting people, a chance to inspire, to celebrate the women of Kenya, showcase the private sector's role in sustainable development, and of course the opportunity to travel. 

I wouldn’t say I was comfortable doing things that scare me – far from it – but how good does it feel when you do scare yourself a little and it pays off – not just for yourself, but for others?

My mission is to help leaders and businesses take courageous action that empowers and inspires positive change.


What got me here?

Dream #1 to be a high-flying international businesswoman, took me to a big corporate as a Financial Analyst. A great professional start but I soon realised there must be more to life. Stressed, overworked, and disillusioned I took time out to travel South America where I saw the opportunity to use my economics degree for greater good. 


Dream #2 to fight poverty and inequality had me specialise as a Development Economist and a decade working in International Development with the British and African Governments, most recently as the British Economist to Somalia - a fascinating role - but I knew I had the potential to do so much more, even if it meant taking a courageous jump out of the sector.


Dream #3 to showcase business as a force for good had me working for my favourite adventure travel company, heading up its Sub-Saharan Africa portfolio. That intersection of my passions, for business, travel and sustainable development ignited the fire in me that made it fun and easy to lead my team and together we used travel as a genuine force for sustainable development across the region.

Dream #4 is to exponentially accelerate that impact by supporting business as a force for good and ambitious leaders align personal success with a mission so strong they're empowered to lead and inspire positive change.

What’s your next dream?

What courageous action can I help you take that will inspire a movement?

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"Mehalah is inspiring! Her wonderful personality meant she quickly made me feel at ease and comfortable to discuss where I am with my goal. Each week she built on things we had discussed and made me question myself further and examine my goals. I really felt she championed me throughout my sessions but was never afraid to get tough with me when I was procrastinating and not moving forward in the way I would like” 

—  Sarah, Career and Confidence Coaching with Sarah