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You're a purpose-driven leader on a mission. You want to scale your income, influence and impact - sustainably. As your coach, I've got your back. I'll challenge your thinking, champion your ideas and celebrate your next level of success. What are you waiting for?


Why work with me?

You’re smart, successful and well respected for what you do. You’re a leader in your field and from the outside in, a high achiever. But you know there is more. You're ready for the next level of success, happiness and impact on the world. But what got you here, won't get you there. It's time to invest in a new way of being.

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“Mehalah has a gift to make you see things you would not see otherwise and simplify what seems to be complex. Our coaching sessions were an incredible opportunity for me to be heard as well as to look at things through different lenses. I felt safe to share my vision and challenges, question my beliefs and search for solutions within me. Mehalah helped me to stop deflecting my achievements and start leveraging my gifts to understand where I want to go and start taking action on it."

Inna Pearce / CEO / UBB

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