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Lead Powerful Impact

If you're ready to step up and lead powerful impact in the world, you're in the right place. Select an option to continue your journey... 

Individual Leader or Professional

Entrepreneur or Business Owner

Corporate or Executive Team 

As your personal coach I've got your back 100%. I'll challenge, champion and celebrate you to achieve your next level of success with 1-2-1 leadership or transition coaching.

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Take your organisation to the next level with a high performing team passionately bought into a re-energised mission through team and 1-2-1 leadership coaching.

Sustainably set up and/or scale your business with passion and purpose to be a profitable force for good in the world with Business and B Corp Coaching. 

Founder Mehalah Beckett is on a mission to transform a million lives. This requires powerful leadership and she can't do this alone; she partners with leaders, organisations and businesses on a mission for impact.

As your coach, B Corp consultant and trusted advisor she helps you accelerate your impact on the world, with fun, ease and efficiency. 

As a Certified B Corp, Lead Powerful Impact Ltd. leverages business as a force for good; upholding high standards of social and environmental impact and donating five per cent of revenue and time to non-profits who share Mehalah's mission for a regenerative, happy and inclusive world. 

If you're a leader, organisation or business on a mission, get support accelerating your income, influence and impact by joining our community:


Positive Intelligence (PQ) is a measure of mental fitness - your capacity to respond to life's challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset. Improve your Positive Intelligence and you will improve your performance, happiness and relationships. What are you waiting for?

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Founder Mehalah Beckett is on a mission to transform a million lives. An energetic changemaker with a background in development economics, business turnaround and leading large teams, she is coach, mentor, consultant, trusted advisor and strategic thinking partner to leaders and organisations on a mission for social impact. 

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Check out my latest thoughts and insights on all things leadership, business, and accelerating your impact on the world, and subscribe to Insights 4 Impact to get a monthly roundup in your inbox. What are you waiting for?


“Mehalah has a gift to make you see things you would not see otherwise and simplify what seems to be complex. Our coaching sessions were an incredible opportunity for me to be heard as well as to look at things through different lenses. I felt safe to share my vision and challenges, question my beliefs and search for solutions within me. Mehalah helped me to stop deflecting my achievements and start leveraging my gifts to understand where I want to go and start taking action on it."

Inna Pearce / CEO / UBB

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