You're a leader on a mission for social or environmental impact. You want to scale your income, influence and impact - sustainably. As your coach, I've got your back. I'll challenge your thinking, champion your ideas and celebrate your next level of success. What are you waiting for?




As your personal coach I've got your back 100%. I'll challenge, champion and celebrate you to achieve your next level of success. Join my signature six-month programme.

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I'll challenge, champion and celebrate you, and so will your peers. Bring your toughest challenges and biggest goals and we'll work on them together. 

Take your organisation to the next level with a high performing team passionately bought into a re-energised mission through team and 1-2-1 coaching.

Why are you here?

You’re smart, successful and well respected for what you do. You’re a leader in your field and from the outside in, a high achiever. But you know there is more. You're ready for the next level of success, happiness and impact on the world. But what got you here, won't get you there. It's time to invest in a new way of being. 

Does any of this sound like you?

Your superpower is your ability to combine your technical knowledge with leadership, empathy and relationship skills which is unusual for the environments you’ve been working in.

You’re a hard worker, which has got you to where you are today. You wish you had more time to be more strategic, but can’t bring yourself to take time out, for fear of getting behind, or judged for taking your foot off the gas.

You’re results focused, always striving for solutions, which keeps you moving forward, but that desire for external validation from constant achievement has you working twice as hard, with an underlying level of anxiety that you’ll fail.

You're more competitive than you let on, which means you are always striving to be better, but this breeds unhealthy comparison and makes you protective, less able to admit your weaknesses and reach out for help.

You have high standards, and your reputation proceeds you. You have similarly high expectations of everyone else which puts inordinate stress on your team and  partners, and you often get let down. That really hurts as you go out of your way to support them to shine.

It’s important to be liked and you support your peers beyond any reasonable expectations – everyone loves you for that. Problem is, you’ve built such an empire of loyal supporters it will be very hard to make the step change you need to make. You don’t like to leave people behind.

You’ve built a strong reputation for yourself, rising through the ranks at work or growing your business from scratch, which makes you look and feel successful in the traditional sense. Afraid of losing what you have worked so hard for, you’re scared to step up into the unknown and become the impactful leader you know you can be.

You’re an amazing person, but your very gifts can hold you back.

I know because this was me. 

If any of this sounds like you, then get in touch, we should talk. I can help.

Scale your Impact Sustainably

Join my signature six-month programme to scale your income, influence and impact - sustainably. 

As a result of spending time with me, you'll be re-energised by your mission, focused on your strategy and at peace with your progress so you'll fall back in love with what you do, take your your performance and impact to the next level, and sleep soundly at night. 

Join me on this journey and I’ll get behind your mission like no one else. I’ll draw out of you your powerful vision for the future. And we’ll work on every element of strategy, mindset, skillset and your energy that will support you in getting there. I’ll challenge your thinking, champion your ideas and celebrate your wins.


The coaching is unlimited over the six months, includes my six-week Positive Intelligence  programme and access to the Unconventional Leaders programme I run with Juliet Morris and Veronica Lilli-Roith.


You will never be the same again, this is powerful stuff! Ready?


Who’s it for?
Leaders and business owners on a mission for social or environmental impact who want to accelerate their income, influence and impact in the world – sustainably – take your performance to a whole new level while sleeping soundly at night. 

What will I achieve as a result?
Peace and happiness ultimately. The rest (income, influence, impact) is all part of the journey. But a really great part of it!

What can I expect?
Expect the unexpected. From experience I can confidently say that you’ll get what you came for…5x business revenues, that big promotion, succeeding in your new management role, transitioning sectors, successfully launching a new business, 10x your reach on people's lives….but that’s never the real reason you’re here. Within a session or two it will start to dawn on you what else is out there for you, what else is within you that you never dared dream was possible, and that’ll be the real gift of us working together. Excited to find out what that is…?

How often will we meet?
It’s unlimited coaching so as often as you need, I recommend a minimum of fortnightly to keep the momentum up, some clients like to meet weekly. How fast and far do you want to go? At what pace? How much change do you want to see between sessions? We can start and we’ll find our own rhythm to the partnership. The main thing is, I got your back.

Over what period?
Six months, renewable.

I'd love 1-2-1 support but I'm not ready for this level of commitment...

Check out my Mentoring Programme or start with a three-month engagement.

I'd love support but I'm not ready to invest in 1-2-1 support right now...

Join my Positive Intelligence Programme

How can I get more information on what support is best for me?

Book a discovery call with Mehalah to talk through what support will best accelerate your impact in the world, and we'll put something together that's right for you.

What do people say about working with you?

See the testimonials below


“Mehalah has a gift to make you see things you would not see otherwise and simplify what seems to be complex. Our coaching sessions were an incredible opportunity for me to be heard as well as to look at things through different lenses. I felt safe to share my vision and challenges, question my beliefs and search for solutions within me. Mehalah helped me to stop deflecting my achievements and start leveraging my gifts to understand where I want to go and start taking action on it."

Inna Pearce / CEO / UBB