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I'd love to find out more about you - use the link below to set up a free consultation where I'll get a better understanding of your needs and you'll decide whether working together will be the best investment to accelerate your impact.

For more info, fill out the form and I'll be in touch. 

Look forward to connecting!

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"I came to Mehalah to increase my personal impact at work.  Coaching  helped distil my personal brand and to pare back 'the noise' to help me identify my strengths, motivations and ultimately, offer. Along the way, dwelling on positive feedback and thinking myself into already being and doing what I aspire to rather than ruminating on all the reasons why I am not, and being more assertive in getting others to prioritise when and how I am needed, all helped enormously. The insights gained have equipped me to be more intentional, work to my strengths, values and help to manage the external noise. Greater clarity has led to greater confidence, which I hope is translating into stronger professional impact".


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