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Common traits in impactful people

Photo credit: Li-An Lim

I’ve been reflecting on what commonalities there are between all the wonderful impactful leaders I work and collaborate with. Though there are many, these four sum it up pretty well…what else would you add from your experience?

Purpose driven – there’s a problem that gets them all fired up and they’re driven, focused and committed to being part of the solution. For one client it’s the broken state-citizen relationship, for another it’s child marriage – what is it for you?

Invest in themselves – they are curious about what they don’t know and are hungry to learn new skills and ideas to be part of an innovative solution. One client is doing personal research in Haiti, another a part-time MBA – and they all give me several hours a month – when did you last invest in your most important asset? (YOU!).

Open minded – they know they don’t have all the answers and won’t always be right, and they put themselves out there to learn from others. The changemakers at this week’s Unconventional Leaders event are a case in point – so much brave sharing with former strangers made me very happy – when did you last try something that broadened your horizons?

Elevate others – they are people-people and know they can’t create change on their own. They’re good at engaging, relating and empowering others to use their complementary gifts and expertise to contribute collaboratively. Mentoring is a popular sport among my clients – who can you uplift today?

If you’re hungry to make a bigger impact on the world – which of these can you focus on this week?

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