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Do you expect too much of your team?

You’re passionate about what you do, you’re driven to do your best, ambitious to create impact and value for all your stakeholders, do the best you can, in the best possible way and bring everyone with you.

That’s inspiring and motivational for your team. And it’s a lot to live up to.

Trust me. I’ve been on both sides, and it’s still a WIP for me (awaiting feedback on my progress from this kitty).

Some thrive in this environment, others struggle, questioning their ability to keep up, maintain high standards, move at pace, and keep learning, innovating, improving to be the best they can.

Pressure. Comparison. Insecurity. Worry. Nobody works (or plays) at their best under these conditions. Not you, not your team. Certainly not a successful, cohesive, happy high performing team.

I've worked with many of these teams. Everyone is doing the best they can, given the stories they are telling themselves...

If you expect a lot of your team, it’s because you expect a lot of yourself.

That’s served you well so far; it’s got you to where you are today, but what got you here won’t get you where you’d love to go next – more value, more impact, less stress, less pressure. More ease, more flow, happy leader, happy team.

Time to take the pressure off, off yourself, off your team. And move forward with ease, purpose, and passion, WITH your team.

Curious as to how? Get in touch, let’s talk.

For a warm up on leading yourself and others, join me on Feb 16th for my next Positive Leadership Masterclass.

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