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B Corp

Supporting you to measure and improve your business's social, environmental and financial impact, working towards B-Corp certification that proves your positive impact on the world and brings you into a community of change makers.    What are you waiting for?

Why B Corp?

Certified B-Corps meet high standards of verified social and environmental performance and are legally committed to consider the impact of their decisions on all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

Comprehensive impact analysis – very broad and suitable for any industry, country or company size


Legal change – it’s not just an audit or certification; it’s a Board commitment to measure, manage and improve impact over time


Global Community – over 6000 companies globally working together, sharing best practise and advocating for the growth of this global movement

How I can support your journey

I've taken four of my own businesses through B Corp Certification, as well as a host of client businesses, so not only do I know how incredibly powerful this community is, I also know how overwhelming it can be going through the certification.

As a trained B Corp Consultant (trained by B Lab UK & B Lab East Africa) otherwise known as a B Leader, and certified professional coach I am uniquely qualified from all sides to support you and your company through your certification and beyond, ensuring the journey aligns with your business mission and achieves the benefits you set out to for the business, planet and all your stakeholders.  

Working with me we'll cover all four areas set out below and you'll certify more quickly and efficiently, pass the verification process first time, and bring the whole company with you accelerating your positive impact on the world.

Work with me either 1-2-1 as your personal B Corp Coach and Consultant, or join our next B Corp Bootcamp - get in touch and we can discuss the best way to support you on your journey.

Why certify?

Employees – many studies show a generational shift in employees that want to work for companies aligned to their own values making B-Corp a useful engagement tool to improve employee satisfaction and fulfilment.

Investors – there’s a growing acknowledgement within financial services of the risk in not engaging in the climate crisis and the reputational risk of antisocial companies – integrating impact assessment into company audits will become the norm.

Consumers – 32% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products committing to positive social/environmental impact and 68% of consumers say building trust should be the highest business priority.

Stronger financial performance – companies with sound environmental and social performance are increasingly more sound financially.


Working with your teams to gather answers to assessment questions and associated evidence


Helping you establish a confident baseline score measuring current impact and working with you to focus on strategies for improvement


Working with your internal stakeholders to implement the changes desired in each area of the business strategy, operations and engagement


Helping you communicate to your stakeholders what the B-Corp journey is all about, training & embedding sustainability goals into the core business


"I came to Mehalah for support to apply for B Corp status for my business, keen to build a regenerative business. I decided to work with Mehalah because I was impressed by her varied work experience and purpose. Not only have I worked with Mehalah on becoming B Corp certified, but she has also been my business/personal coach to create greater clarity for over a year. Mehalah creates a safe, friendly, purpose-led environment and helped me build clarity on my business, supported the launch of some radical (and purpose-led) products, assisted in realigning my values, and gave me a feeling of infinite possibilities. Overall, what I achieved from working with Mehalah was fresh ideas, fresh clients, and fresh insights into my infinite, radical wisdom and richness. Mehalah is a joy to work with, and I am proud of what we’re achieving together in interdependence. I would wholeheartedly recommend Mehalah Beckett to any professional or organisation who wishes to ignite some magnificence, mindfulness, and meaning into their work with a mighty, purpose-driven, joyful coach.

Sulaiman R. Khan, ThisAbility Ltd.

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