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Group coaching for entrepreneurs

You are an impact-driven entrepreneur who wants to scale your business in a time and cost-effective manner, while building an awe-inspiring support network.

We will work together in a small group of carefully curated impact-driven entrepreneurs. I’ll help you articulate your vision, a goal so inspiring you won’t stop until you’ve achieved it. You’ll bring the fire in your belly and the commitment to unleash it on the world. I’ll champion, challenge and celebrate you, and so will your peers. You’ll go further, faster, and have fun doing so.

You can register here for more information - December dates are 1st and 15th - your first month is FREE - what are you waiting for?


Checking group coaching is right for you

Small group coaching allows you to come together with a small, select group of like-minded individuals that are driven to achieve similar objectives. Coached together, you’ll receive many of the benefits of 1-2-1 coaching, and you’ll also benefit from:

Peer learning – listen for your own insights as peers are coached on similar goals, struggles and opportunities and take away learning and actions that take you to the next level.

Peer support  – fellow members will root for you and your vision as much as your coach, building a powerful support network.

A new network – like-minded people to collaborate, connect and share ideas and opportunities with.

Register here for more information - December dates are 1st and 15th - your first month is FREE - what are you waiting for?


"I got so much out of that, soo much!"

 "How comforting it is to share and be part of a tribe"

"we all needed that meeting, listening to everyone's story and seeing your problem from a different point of view has helped find the answer I needed from someone else"

"Sharing stories with people round the world was really good, I felt that I am not alone"

"I appreciated the openness and the targeted and insightful questions"

"It was just one hour yesterday but it has had a great impact on me"

"The group was very close in their way of thinking having similar dreams and  problems, despite being from different cultures and regions"

''Great session, such a lot of value"

—  Community Members

Group coaching not for you?

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