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Are you leading your business positively?

We spend far too much time at work or working on our businesses to NOT create an incredibly positive impact on our people, planet and economy.

Question is, is the way you are showing up at work, leading your business, leading POSITIVE impact or DRAINING the life and energy out of you and your team?

Let's find out!

I'm sure, like me, there are elements of your leadership you have strengths in, others you are working on, and some you have blind spots an insecurities about. That's OK, you're human.

The question is, am I working on it?

And to do this, self-awareness is queen, so here's a teaser of just three questions each from My Positive Leadership Model - to help you celebrate your strengths, journey so far, and blind spots in the way you lead your business*.

*I work with business owners and leaders within larger organisations, so where I refer to your ‘business’ it applies to your company, department or workstream.

Ambition: Business

Q1. I have great plans for my business to be a force good; economically, socially and environmentally (Y/N)

Q2. I am driven to do my best in my leadership role, and to create more great leaders around me (Y/N)

Q3. Our business is and will continue to be a great place to work and do business with (Y/N)

Abundance: Business

Q1. We’re creating value through our work and it’s possible to create so much more (Y/N)

Q2. There are always more clients out there who will benefit from our unique value proposition and I’m doing my best to ensure they know we can help them (Y/N)

Q3. Tomorrow’s another day. I’ll sleep well tonight because we did our best today (Y/N)

Action: Business

Q1. I take action every day in line with the business vision and mission (Y/N)

Q2. I roll my sleeves up when necessary, otherwise I‘m focused on strategic action that moves the needle (Y/N)

Q3. We’re a proactive company – we don’t wait for change impact us (Y/N)

Agility: Business

Q1. I’ve created a culture of empowered freedom, trust and creativity to support experimentation and innovation (Y/N)

Q2. We listen deeply to our clients and evolve to meet their needs (Y/N)

Q3. We measure our progress and make time to reflect, lesson learn and course correct (Y/N)

How many Yes’s can you honestly claim today?

Want to claim more?

Join us in the Positive Leaders Community – Purposeful Leaders taking Positive Action for Powerful Impact starts in May – our leadership program and community for fortnightly inspiration and support on your leadership.

Meanwhile join me on March 30th for a Positive Leadership Masterclass in thriving as a leader.

Mehalah Beckett is a coach, consultant and trusted advisor passionate about people, the planet and empowering others to inspire positive change. She coaches purpose-driven leaders to impossible goals, hosts Masterminds for hungry entrepreneurs and guides businesses through B-Corp. What can I help you achieve over the next year?

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