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How to use fear as your friend to launch your next idea

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

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It was July 2020 and I joined my peers for a group session with my coach.

I watched a woman from Indonesia explain that she really wants to publish a book she has written but she is too afraid to put it out there. That fear of getting vulnerable in public had been paralysing her for years. I watched with goose bumps as our coach helped her realise what impact she could have on other people, by sharing her story, and that by connecting to her why – helping women be the best mothers they can be – realise what had held her back no longer seemed relevant.

I watched an american man explain that just before he succeeds at something, time and time again, he self-sabotages, ensuring he stays in his comfort zone – failing to live up to his potential. I watched with tears in my eyes, as our coach helped him see that it wasn’t self-sabotage at all – just his ancient brain trying to keep him safe. Next time, thank that voice inside you for wanting to keep you safe, but remind yourself, that unlike our ancestors, taking that action will not put your life in danger. And taking that last step towards success in his next venture suddenly felt like a no-brainer.

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I hadn’t been coached, but the insights I took from that session were so powerful. Firstly – to question the fear when I feel it – is it genuine danger – or is it just trying to keep me in my safe zone? Secondly, group coaching had such a profound impact on me – opening up possibilities that I never would have seen in 1-2-1 coaching – learning from peers provided a whole new level of ideas and insight. I decided to set up my own group coaching programme.

One week went past. Then two, then three…and no action. I thought of all of the reasons I shouldn’t launch it – that podcast said to keep it simple and stick to 1-2-1, a fellow coach just stopped offering groups as it wasn’t for him, I’m busy enough without adding more to my workload, I should wait until I have moved house / filled my diary / got more experience…so many reasons why I shouldn’t do this right now.

I took this dilemma to my coach, who help me remember why I wanted to do this – to open up new possibilities in my clients’ mind, to connect them with like-minded changemakers for support and inspiration, to co-create a space where leaders’ and entrepreneurs’ impact is multiplied. And I want to have fun connecting inspiring individuals and getting inspired myself.

So on Tuesday I launched my first group coaching session. Five inspiring individuals got together to share what they wanted to do next that scared them so much they hadn’t done it yet. I know that by Wednesday, many of those will have taken the next step towards making it happen, because we all left energised, inspired, empowered, and supported.

If you are fearful to do something, it’s probably because it’s important to you, that it’s something you really need to do. If you feel the fear, know you are on the right track.

What is that something for you? Bring it to a group coaching session – find out more here.

Next session for impact-driven entrepreneurs is 22nd September – join us.

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