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Think you can’t afford a coach?

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Nobody has a coaching budget. Even I, fully committed to partnering with one, need to move money around, pay in instalments and prioritize this investment over other more short-term wants.

Why do I do this?

Because I know there are things I want to do, be and have that I won't get to experience if I don't.

And those things I do get to alone, will take far more time, money and energy without support.

And I won't even be aware of the possibilities beyond what I can already imagine. Do you know that we are operating on about 10% of our capacity....I want more from life. I deserve more. And so do the people around me that I support.

So I partner with someone that gets me, that makes time for me, provides me with space to dream, unravel possibilities, explore what's stopping me and get to the route of the desire, unlocking the barriers in my head, that support me to fly.

I know because I just did it...

Last month I invested in a new coach, one I'd worked with in a group setting for the past year. I knew working with him 1-2-1 was just what I wanted and needed next, but I put off speaking to him for a full three months, afraid of making that commitment, asking him what investment it would require, worried I wouldn't be able to afford him, scared I wouldn't put in the work on my side to make the investment back, in monetary, peace, and happiness terms.

I know you're not ready...

We're never fully ready. And we don't need to be. We just need enough courage to take the first step. So I had a series of conversations, coaching calls and open discussions about what support I needed from my new coach, and we agreed upon a bespoke package of support. And now I'm happy as he has my back.

Like my coach, I offer bespoke support to my clients that meets them where they are - whether you're a leader in a large corporate, owner of a small business, solopreneur, or manager in an NGO - if you're purpose driven and want to explore new possibilities (for you or your team) I’ve got your back.

Let's chat...

If you're curious, schedule a brief 15 minute chemistry chat and I’ll suggest some next steps for you, which may or not be coaching, but at least you'll have explored the options for moving forward....looking forward to our chat.

Mehalah Beckett is a consultant, coach and trusted advisor passionate about people, the planet and empowering others to inspire positive change. She coaches purpose-driven leaders to impossible goals, hosts Masterminds for hungry entrepreneurs and guides businesses through B-Corp. What can I help you achieve over the next year?

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