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You’re ready to up-level your career, your business, your leadership, and know the fastest way is to partner with someone who's been there, understands where you want to go, and 100% believes in you and your next level of success. What are you waiting for?

Find someone who's been where you've been, achieved what you want to achieve and understands where YOU want to go. Then role model them. Surround yourself with them. Proximity is power.


And don't just model them from afar, bring them in on your success. Have them mentor you to greatness. Have them on your team, championing your success at every step. Inspiring your progress and holding you accountable as you move forwards, month by month. 

Save years of struggle by learning from their successes, failures and daily habits. Save money avoiding some of the obvious mistakes they made and setting yourself up for success from the start. 

When was the last time someone BELIEVED in you?

Always the mentor, never the mentee?

Sound like you?

I know it’s not just me, but that doesn’t make it OK.

I’ve relished the opportunity to be a corporate mentor in every one of the organisations I’ve been apart of; through my career, there was always an opening of arms for me to join the mentor pool and strong demand for mentees wanting to learn, get inspired, make changes and further their careers, by partnering with me.

These mentoring relationships are some of my happiest memories of life at the likes of the NAO, FCDO and Intrepid Travel. So much so that I now formally mentor pro-bono at three non-profit organisations.

But I never had a mentor until I set up my own business.


Why you may ask, did I, as someone who clearly valued mentoring so much, not ask for one myself?


Fear of wasting an important person’s time.
Fear of offending my manager.
Fear of my unclear career goals being laughed at.
Fear I wasn’t worth having one.
Fear I wouldn’t progress enough and my mentor would feel bad.

I could go on. Putting it down in black and white makes me feel ridiculous, but I’m willing to share, as I know I am not the only one. Time and time again, I hear my clients say the same “I love mentoring others as part of my role, but I’ve never had a mentor myself”.

Time this changed?


Join my Professional Mentoring Programme

If you’re always the mentor, and never the mentee.


If you believe in the enormous power of proximity in achieving goals you never even dared dream of, and understand the value of articulating them out loud to someone who has your back 100%.

If you’re ready to up-level your career, your business, your leadership. If you’re ready to see your income, influence and impact skyrocket...


Partner with me as your professional mentor with no fear of asking...I invite you.


Who’s it for?

Smart leaders and aspiring leaders that know that proximity is power and are ready to step up, and want to save money, time and energy learning from someone who’s been there and understands where they want to go. 

What will I achieve as a result?

What do you want to achieve? No, really? What do you want? Don’t worry, we’ll get there if you don’t yet know the full answer to this question. People rarely do. 

What can I expect?

As your professional mentor I'll have your back. I’ll bring 100% and so will you. I’ll help you articulate your future vision, champion your ideas, challenge your thinking and celebrate your wins. Sound good?

How often will we meet?

Once a month (not enough? Check out my Coaching Programme)

Over what period?
Six months, renewable.

I'd love support but I'm not ready to invest in 1-2-1 support right now...

Join my Positive Intelligence Programme

How can I get more information on what support is best for me?

Book a discovery call with Mehalah to talk through what support will best accelerate your impact in the world.

What do people say about working with you?

See the testimonials below


“I finally got to identify my personal compass – where my passion and drive lies. It felt magical and a great awakening to realize it and its influence in my life’s decisions, vision and productivity! I recommend working with Mehalah to reflect on your life, passions, achievements, career & personal wellness. She'll help raise your self-awareness, identify and build focus on your purpose of existence, appreciating the power of collaborative teams and proactively help you explore options for improved productivity, personal wellbeing and career development. Many thanks Mehalah for the rich conversations and much needed challenge that helped me find myself. Today, I am always conscious of what I do/think and its effect on my work and well-being."


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