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Always the mentor, never the mentee?

I know it’s not just me, but that doesn’t make it OK.

I’ve relished the opportunity to be a corporate mentor in every organisation I’ve joined and these mentoring relationships are some of my happiest memories at the likes of the UK National Audit Office, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and Intrepid Travel.

I currently mentor pro-bono at three non-profits: On Purpose London, Humanitarian Women's Network and London International Development Network as well as at Aston University.

But I never had a professional mentor until I set up my own business.

Why not?


Fear of wasting an important person’s time.

Fear of offending my manager.

Fear of my unclear career goals being laughed at.

Fear I wasn’t worth having one.

Fear I wouldn’t progress enough and my mentor would feel bad.

I could go on. Putting it down in black and white makes me feel ridiculous, but I’m willing to share, as I know I'm not the only one. I regularly hear my clients say “I love mentoring others, but I’ve never had a mentor myself”.

Time this changed?

And tell me, what's stopped you asking for one?

You don't need help, but if you'd love some support, check out my mentoring programme.

Mehalah Beckett is a consultant, coach and trusted advisor passionate about people, the planet and empowering others to inspire positive change. She coaches purpose-driven leaders to impossible goals, hosts Masterminds for hungry entrepreneurs and guides businesses through B-Corp. What can I help you achieve in 2021?

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