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Any impatient high achievers out there?

Impatience is one of my vices. And yet, I don't WANT to be patient. I see it as a negative word, it makes me think of passively sitting on my laurels which isn't what I want either.

So I'm beginning to embrace Trust instead. Trust who I am. Trust I am doing all the right things. Trust I am exactly where I am meant to be right now. Trust that 'bad outcome' happened for good reason.

The reframe was going well and struck a chord with many of my impatient high achieving clients too. They say you teach what you most need to learn - isn’t that the truth. But on Tuesday, maybe prompted by a long weekend off to reflect on all the things I wanted to do - the impatience came back.

"What does trust mean to you?" my coach asked? On reflection, Trust means enjoying the journey. Being intentional about where I'm going, but not constantly asking if 'we're nearly there yet', not worrying I've got lost, just enjoying the ride.

If trust is a good reframe for your impatient self, what does it mean for you? Let me know.

Enjoy the ride, and if you'd love some support, check out my coaching programmes.

Mehalah Beckett is a consultant, coach and trusted advisor passionate about people, the planet and empowering others to inspire positive change. She coaches purpose-driven leaders to impossible goals, hosts Masterminds for hungry entrepreneurs and guides businesses through B-Corp. What can I help you achieve in 2021?

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