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What if money gave you freedom?

As a business owner you want to grow, create more value, earn more, and create financial independence and freedom. FACT.

What’s stopping you is a belief that more money comes with more work, more responsibility, less time and less flexibility. FICTION.

The desire on the one hand for financial freedom, fighting the other for freedom of time and choice, causes unnecessary and unhelpful stress and anxiety and a head space that lacks the clarity, confidence and creativity necessary to grow and create more value in the world.

I just signed three new clients, in a two-day working week post-holiday. I should be celebrating (and I did, briefly) but I also thought ‘this isn’t the right time, I’ve committed to a lot of fun and travel these two months, I’m working three days a week, around weekends away, weddings, hen do’s and family visits; I need to stop expanding otherwise…’

Or I could flip my thinking. My business (which I love) enables me to earn the money in a three-day week that gives me the freedom to do more things I love. Now that’s something to celebrate. With growth like this, the sky’s the limit for success, happiness and freedom.

I don’t say it to brag, I say it to prove it’s possible, with the right mindset, more money can bring us freedom. We are all our own biggest blockers, but try looking a things a little differently, and your whole world turns around.

If this resonates, get in touch, we should talk.

You don't need help, but if you'd love some support, check out my coaching programmes.

Mehalah Beckett is a consultant, coach and trusted advisor passionate about people, the planet and empowering others to inspire positive change. She coaches purpose-driven leaders to impossible goals, hosts Masterminds for hungry entrepreneurs and guides businesses through B-Corp. What can I help you achieve over the next year?

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